Follow the Money was created by the Spatial History Project, a part of the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA) at Stanford University.


Joseph "Jay" Taylor
History Department, Simon Fraser University

Spatial History Project/CESTA

Erik Steiner, Creative Director
Celena Allen, Project Manager
Krista "KJ" Fryauff, Student Research Assistant, 2014-2015
Alex Sherman, Student Research Assistant, 2016


Dozens of people, institutions, and agencies have contributed to the project with data, shapefiles, and advice. Our work here would not have been possible without their assistance.

Bill Lane Center for the American West
Jon Christensen
Jenny Remple

Bureau of Land Management
Alan Bass
Brett Fahrer
Molly Galbraith
Mark Goertel
Richard Mayberry
Brian Mueller
Jim Muhn
Dana Robinson
Cynthia Staszak
Benjamin Zank

Zephyr Frank
Sunil Rau
Richard White

Public Lands Foundation
Glen Collins
Ed Shepard
Rocky McVay

California State Library
Emily Blodget
Tammy Zavinsky

Department of Interior
Niall O’Connor

Headwaters Economics
Mark Hagerty
Deb Grebenc
Ben Alexander

Harold Blattie

Montana Department of Revenue
Tami Gunlock
Van Charlton

National Archives and Records Administration, Seattle
Ken House
Patty McNamee

National Park Service
Michael Linde
Ray Murray
Heather Ramsay

Nevada State Library
Kathy Edwards

Oregon Secretary of State Office
Faye Stevenson

Oregon State Library
Jerry Curry

University of Nevada Reno Library
Patrick Ragains

Washington State Treasurer Office
Johnna Craig
Stacey Pierson

Other Individuals
Leisl Carr-Childers
Tom Dunlap
Mark Fiege
Matt Klingle
Mike Lansing
David Lewis
Matt Pearce
William Rowley
Greg Smoak
Paul Sutter